Visa To Russia London

Visa To Russia London

Visa To Russia - London and All UK

How To Get Your Visa To Russia - Obtaining your visa to Russia in London or any UK city and region first requires that you have the correct Russian visa supporting documents needed.  These vary a little between the different Russian visa types such as; Russian tourist visas and Russian business visas.  We have outlined the basic steps involved with successfully applying for your visa to Russia below.  Our Check & Send support service is designed to take you through each stage of the process without visa agents checking everything as you go.  Prices start from just £22.50 you can place your order for full Russian visa support here.

  1. Which Russian Visa Do You Need For Your Trip? - There are several Russian visa classes; tourist, transit, private, business, student, work and humanitarian.  In most cases it will be relatively straightforward to determine your chosen Russian visa class with the majority of people visiting for tourism or to conduct business.  Some business travellers who will not receive direct financial gain through their trip to Russia but may be attending such things as conferences may be able to travel on a special AIM tourist visa class.  Please contact our visa agents to discuss your Russian visa needs.
  2. Gather And Validate Your Russian Visa Supporting Documents - Some of the required supporting documents will be obvious such as a valid passport, a passport size photograph and a completed official Russian visa application form.  However, there are other documents required so please be sure to check our article on Visa To Russia Required SUpporting Documents.
  3. Tourist Voucher or Business Invitation - If you are planning to apply for a tourist or business visa to Russia you will need to obtain a valid official tourist voucher (sometimes also called a Russian Tourist Invitation) or a business invitation which must be supplied from the Russian Ministry For Foreign Affairs if you are a UK passport holder.  The good news is we can supply all types of tourist vouchers and business invitations to support your Russian visa application.  You can order Russian tourist vouchers and Russian business invitations here.
  4. Complete Your Official Russian Visa Application Form - You will also need to complete your official Russian visa application form online but this must also be printed, your passport photograph attached and be brought with you when you attend the Russian visa centre in London, Manchester or Edinburgh.  There are several tricky parts to this form and you must, of course, avoid any mistakes but the process is mostly an administrative one.  Our visa agents will start your Russian visa official application form for you and check everything before it is submitted.  If you would like help and guidance from our experience team of Russian visa agents please place your order here for our Check & Send support service.
  5. Visit The Visa Centre in London, Manchester or Edinburgh - All applicants aged 12 years or over must attend one of the three Russian visa centres within the UK.  Whilst there you will formally submit your Russian visa application and all supporting documents, pay your official application fees and provide your fingerprints.  Once your Russian visa application has been processed you will need to attend the visa centre again to collect it.  Alternatively, when submitting your visa to Russia you can choose to have your passport returned by secure DX mail service.

Despite the necessary 'hoop jumping' needed to apply for your visa to Russia in London or anywhere else in the UK, it is well worth the trouble.  Russia is a wonderful place to visit with a rich and diverse land and people.  Why not do something different this year and take an adventure to Russia!


Visa To Russia Cost - Costs vary between nationalities and the reason for your trip to Russia but as a ballpark figure you can expect to pay approximately £145 in total for a Russian tourist visa and £260 for a Russian business visa.  These prices include our support service and supporting documents (i.e. a Russian tourist voucher or Russian business invitation) and official application fees which are £101.40 in both these example Russian visa costs.

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Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 90 day period

Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 90 day period

Important: eVisa is only available if you can answer yes to all the following; 1) you are travelling to St Petersburg only or Kaliningrad only and arriving by flight or boat. 2) You are staying 7 nights / 8 days or less. If you cannot answer yes to all of these, please reselect 'Supporting Documents'.
To apply for this visa you must have previously held at least two 12 month business visas for Russia.

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