Travel Insurance (compulsory for some visa applicants)

Depending on your nationality and visa type you may be required to have an insurance policy for the whole period of your stay in Russia.  The policy document should show validity for the duration of the journey as well as indicate the geographical area of coverage as ‘worldwide/including Russia’.  Copies of insurance cards are not admissible and neither are a simple confirmation sent by e-mail.  If you wish to buy a policy for your trip to Russia and are unsure which policies provide the coverage needed then we would recommend purchasing your policy from Columbus Direct.

Peace of mind

flights around the globeEven if its not mandatory to have travel insurance within your visa class, having it should offer you some peace of mind that if something does go wrong while away you can get the help you need.  Prices for travel insurance depend on the type and coverage of your chosen policy, here are some points to consider when choosing.

Travel insurance covers you for a range of problems that may arise while you’re travelling – from the catastrophic to the merely inconvenient.

Cancellation & delay:
Including missed departures and curtailment of your trip.

Medical expenses:
This will cover any costs incurred if you have to visit a doctor or hospital abroad.

Personal liability:
If you cause damage to possessions or injure someone, cover is provided.

Emergency assistance/repatriation:
If you need to be brought back to the UK due to injury, your costs will be met.

Baggage & belongings:
Protection if your luggage or possessions are lost, stolen or damaged is provided as standard with most policies.

We are happy to recommend

There are a lot of insurance companies on the market today offering pretty much the same coverage. Which one is the right one?

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right provider for you.

  • The insurance company should be well known, trusted and have easily accessible emergency contact services within Russia (again we would recommend Columbus Direct here.
  • The insurance company should be trustworthy and have positive reviews from lots of previous customers, a good place to research this is on
  • Do not choose your policy purely on its price.  You purchase an insurance policy for protection so be sure that you have the protection you need should an unfortunate problem arise while you are in Russia.
  • Determine what risks you want to cover and know which companies provide this coverage.

We are happy to recommend the following companies as providers of Russia friendly travel insurance policies.


Shop around and be sure to read customer reviews on sites like tripadvisor or Which!