How to Obtain a Russian Visa & Invitation Letter

How to Obtain a Russian Visa & Invitation Letter

How to Obtain a Russian Visa from the UK

Sample of a Russian VisaStep by step guide to getting your Russian visa from the UK.

  1. Make sure you require a visa to visit Russia. If you are a UK passport holder you will need a visa to enter Russia.  You can check our visa free scheme guide to determine firstly if you are required to have a visa to enter the Russian Federation.
  2. What type of visa will you apply for? There are several different visa classes, most of these are obvious but the options become a little cloudy when you are travelling to attend a conference, have a medical procedure or similar.  You can speak with our visa agents who will help you determine which visa you require.
    • Tourist Visa - Can be issued as a single or double entry visa both of which are valid for 90 days.  Please note this means the date of first entry and last exit must be no more than 90 days apart.
    • Tourist Visa with AIM - This sub class of tourist visa permits some limited 'non-tourist' related activity such as participation in short negotiations, exhibitions, auctions, medical consultations or surveys.
    • Business Visa - Single or double entry business visas can be valid for up to 90 days and cover a wide range of business related activity whilst in Russia.
    • Multi Entry Business Visa - Valid for 1 year (UK residents) with some other nationalities able to apply for multi year business visas also.
    • Transit Visa - Valid for a limited time period to cover short stays in Russia whilst you are transiting through to another destination.
    • Private Visa - Valid for up to 90 days and permits single or double entry (some passport holders vary).
    • Humanitarian Visa - This is generally issued as a multi entry one year visa and is intended for cultural, sports and charity purposes.
    • Student Visa - Can be valid for multiple years and covers those attending a university or similar in Russia to study.
    • Work Visa - Valid for up to several years (options vary by passport holder) and is intended for those who will be constantly employed within Russia.
  3. Complete the official Russian visa application form. Complete all sections of the official application form which must be filled and submitted online.  It must also be printed and presented along with all supporting documents when you attend the visa centre.
  4. Prepare all required documents. Your personal circumstances will determine which supporting documents you require.  See which required documents you need for your visa for Russia.
  5. Obtain your Russian tourist invitation or business invitation.  Every Russian visa application must be accompanied by all required supporting documents.  These will include a Russian tourist invitation if you are applying for a tourist or tourist-AIM visa and a business invitation if applying for a Russian business visa.  These are issued by approved organisations within the Russian federation, they are not your travel documents or booking details.  We can supply Russian visa invitations for you, please order them here.
  6. Attend the visa centre to submit your application, pay official fees and provide fingerprints.  All applicants 12 years or older are required to submit their application in person at one of the 3 UK visa application centres.  These are located in central London, Manchester and Edinburgh.  When at the visa centre you will need to submit your application and supporting documents, pay the official processing fees and provide your fingerprints as part of the biometric visa requirements.


If you require support to apply for your visa to Russia please contact our visa agents.  Please note that our visa agent support is a paid for service. Get started towards your visa for Russia.

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Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 90 day period

Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 90 day period

Important: eVisa is only available if you can answer yes to all the following; 1) you are travelling to St Petersburg only or Kaliningrad only and arriving by flight or boat. 2) You are staying 7 nights / 8 days or less. If you cannot answer yes to all of these, please reselect 'Supporting Documents'.
To apply for this visa you must have previously held at least two 12 month business visas for Russia.

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