How To Apply


How do I get a Russian visa?  this depends on several factors such as the type of visa you need, the duration you wish to visit Russia and your personal circumstances.  Although we can provide help to customers who wish to apply almost anywhere in the world, we predominantly assist customers on how to apply for a Russian visa in the UK.  If you wish to apply for a Russian visa in another country, please contact us for further advice.

All applicants for Russian visas in the UK require an accurately completed Russian visa application form, all required supporting documents and an official tourist voucher, business visa or work visa invitation (these are not your tickets or hotel booking details).  You can see a list of the requried documents on our page do I need a visa and how much does it cost.

Once your documentation and completed Russian visa application are complete, you will need to attend one of the 3 UK visa processing centres.  As part of this process you will pay the official costs and be asked to provide your fingerprints.  All applicants 12 years and older are required to provide their fingerprints as part of the Russian visa application process.