How Long Does A Russian Visa Application Take

How Long Does A Russian Visa Application Take?

How Long Does A Russian Visa Application Take?

Overal time to apply and receive your Russian visa depends on three factors, they are:

  1. How long do you require to fully and correctly prepare your official Russian visa application and all supporting documents?
  2. Will you choose the standard or speedy processing service within your VFS Russian visa application centre?
  3. Will you collect your passport once ready or will you have it sent to you through secure DS service?

The quickest you could obtain your Russian tourist visa will be 2 business days.  This assumes you'll do everything required to achieve this timeline.  You should prepare all supporting documents and official application within one day.  You will need to attend a VFS visa centre that provides the quickest speedy processing service, currently this is Edinburgh.  You will also need to attend the visa centre for a second time to collect your passport once ready rather than having this sent to you via secure DS postal service.

As a general rule, a Russian tourist visa can be obtained within 22 business days using the standard visa processing service and 4 business days using the speedy processing service.

How Do I Get A Tourist Visa For Russia?

If you need help applying for your visa to Russia you can read our step by step guide here. alternatively, you can purchase our full support service and let our experienced visa agents take you through the entire process of applying for your Russian visa.

Russian Visa Required Documents

All applicants for a Russian visa from the UK must have a valid Russian invitation (voucher & confirmation) as a supporting document.  If you would like to read a list of required documents you will need to apply for your visa to Russia, please read our article on Russian visa required documents.

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Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 90 day period

Double Entrycovers 1 person for 2 entries and 2 exits within a 90 day period

Important: eVisa is only available if you can answer yes to all the following; 1) you are travelling to St Petersburg only or Kaliningrad only and arriving by flight or boat. 2) You are staying 7 nights / 8 days or less. If you cannot answer yes to all of these, please reselect 'Supporting Documents'.
To apply for this visa you must have previously held at least two 12 month business visas for Russia.

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