The currency of Russia is ruble.

In Moscow and St.Peterburg almost everywhere you can use your debit or credit cards. However if you need to pay in cash you will have to use rubles only. That is why it is better to have some rubles in cash with you in the trip to Russia.

The official rate of ruble / pound sterling is flexible and changing every day. Besides each bank or company exchanging currency applying their own commission on the purchase.

Its always better to be prepared in advance and find the best rate and we advice you to do it before your trip.

To understand how much you will possible need in cash we will give you same prices in Moscow:

Cup of coffee – 250 rubles

Average lunch – 400 rubles

One way metro ticket – 55 rubles

Average price for taxi – 800 rub 

Once you are in Russia and you do not have cash with you but you suddenly realize you need some rubles you can always withdraw some in ATM  with your debit Visa or MasterCard (not credit) or you can exchange your pounds in almost any Russian bank

Necessary steps to be prepared for your trip: 

1.Determine how much cash you want with you in the trip to Russia

2.Find the bank with the best rate and exchange the amount you determined 

3. Take some pounds in cash with you to Russia in case you will need more rubles so you can exchange it in a Russian bank (its cheaper then withdraw from ATM)

4.Once in Russia you need more cash find the nearest bank and exchange your pounds or withdraw from ATM