Business & Work Visas


Do I need a visa to work in Russia?  Well, not suprisingly the answer to this is yes but there are several options based on whether you already have an offer of work or plan to search for opportunities when you're there.  We can help you in both situations to gain your Russian work visa.  We can optionally provide a work visa for Russia if its needed and with our Check & Send service we will guide you through the process start to finish.

If you want to visit Russia to conduct business, attend meetings or conferences then a Russian business visa is what you'll need.

Russian Business Visa Requirements  If you are planning to visit Russia to conduct business then you'll need to ensure you have a valid business visa.  Firstly, you will need to have an official business invitation which may be a written invitation on company letterhead for certain EU passport holders.  However, a Russian business visa for UK citizens cannot be submitted for processing without an official business invitation issued by the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.  We can provide official Russian business invitations for you as part of our services, you can check prices and get started using the 'Check visa costs and apply' widget on this page.  With our Check & Send support service we will also guide you through the Russian business visa application process from start to finish.


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